Hello Minecrafters!

Im here today to inform you about the new for so long awaited update. The bedwars rework. The server has been re made from the ground up with tons of new features and optimizations. But before I get into all the changed, I want to thank @TheLaSteve for accepting my offer and becoming officially part of the alchemist studios management team. He is one of the best content creators that I personally watched for so long and wanted to get in touch with him for a long time, I finally found the courage and decided to join his discord and make a ticket. This is a decision I will not forget, he will be bringing players into the server while we the rest of the staff team ensure their best experience into the server. He now owns the server as well.

With that being said, lets move on to the exact changes this update has to offer

  • Cosmetics rework, cosmetics system introduced, you may use in game tokens to buy cosmetics of your choice.
  • Achievemenets system, tons of bedwars achievements waiting for you to unlock.
  • New stats gui, reworked stats tracking, now tracking exact playtime too
  • Compass tracker rework, now it can track anytime does not matter if it is one player left without bed. However you may purchase it now from the utility category in the shopkeeper.
  • Hotbar manager, also editable through the lobby.
  • Special items category with 5 different new items ranging from tnt sheep to rescue platform and more.
  • Arena system reworked, there are over 5 arenas for the same map in order to ensure that the server will always have room for players.
  • Map rollbacking system reworked, way more optimized and faster.
  • Donators may now force start an arena using the hotbar clock item (slot 1)
  • Now the bedwars tutorial message will show 10 seconds before the arena is started so players may have time to read it.
  • Supports the adventure rank system and grants adventure rank exp on playtime / kill / final kill & win.
  • Reworked level system, you get exp on kill and lose on death.
  • Tablist now displays colored names properly
  • Reworked updates menu, reverted back to the old one, since less clicks means faster activation and those clicks can really make a difference in such a competitive game.
  • Fireball and tnt jump now both work properly and are more smoother than before.
  • Reworked the combat system, mostly the knockback one, this is an update that happened on every server on the network but I think it is worth mentioning it here.
  • Parties now fully support bedwars.
  • When jumping to a friend, if he is in a bedwars arena, and the arena is not full, you will join the same arena as him.
  • Reworked the settings menu, split it to 3 categories, in game settings, privacy settings and network settings.
  • Donators may now fly in the lobby, this applies to all lobbies on the network
  • The network's restart system now works properly when players are in an arena, they will no longer keep their armor on the lobby if they were playing an arena when the server was restarting.
  • Donators may now join full arenas.
This should sum up everything that we did during this rework, remember that the whole system has been reworked, its like we made an entirely new gamemode so if you find any bugs, please report them by making a ticket on the discord server or here on the forums.

Thanks for playing on alchemist studios and I can't wait to see ya all on the server again.

Best luck on the arena fellow adventurers!