Hello minecrafters!

As many of you have requested, it is finally here. KitPvP 3.0.0. Many changes were introduced in this update and im here to guide you through all of them.

First thing first, PERKS were finally added to the server. Remember that useless enchanting table at spawn? Well now it is not useless anymore. Let me guide you on what are perks and how to use them. This enchanting table

Imagine perks as abilities but instead of having to activate them, they activate themselves automatically based on a chance. You can purchase and upgrade perks by right clicking on the enchanting table shown in the above screenshot.

Once you right click, you will open the perks gui, there you may select the perk you want to purchase and level up. Keep in mind, each perk does a different thing and some work really well with specific kits.

That sums it up for the perks system. Below Im going to list every other changes that took place on the server.

  • [GLOBAL] Donators and content creators may now use /disguise in the server, this will allow them to change how their in-game name and skin appear on the server​
  • Added perks system​
  • Added auto respawn and now you instantly die when you fall at the void​
  • Donators may now use /disguise without entering any arguments in order to choose a random username to use.​
  • [GLOBAL] Tab list and nametags now are being loaded faster, using less resources and are more optimized​
  • [GLOBAL] Usernames are not cut in half now if the username char count is above 12​
  • Fixed the summoner and climber ability while falling in void bug (and removed all deaths that were caused by it!)​
  • Fixed the player stuck in death animation bug​
  • Now all leaderboards update every 10 minutes(except the parkour ones).​
That will be for today, as always if you need any help do not hesitate to ask us here in the forums or open a ticket on the discord server. Thank you for playing on the alchemiststudios network and we are hoping to see you online.

I almost forgot, the balance changes are a bit delayed mostly because I wanted to focus on getting this patch through first.