ANNOUNCEMENT KitPvP Reset & Economy Update


KitPvP Reset & Economy Update
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Hello Minecrafters!

Im here today to announce the KitPvP Reset and the changes.

Thanks to everyone playing in the previous season, the 3 top killers are
1. VerTus
2. @Takaru
3. @bedwarshurts

That has been a fantastic season, and due to you all playing we have managed to get enough information needed to balance the kitpvp server.

However everything comes to an end and this includes the previous kitpvp season.
We have reset all player stats, all kits purchased and all kits unlocked.

This is a list of all the changes:
  • Coins are replaced with tokens, on every server - practice, kitpvp and bedwars
  • [HUB] Added shards which you can use to buy in game ranks through the hub servers (A player who buys ranks with shards will of course have them in the entire network), shard shop is not released yet. However it will be released in the following days.
  • Changed a few messages on the kitpvp server
  • [KITPVP] Added /bounty - you may now set a tokens bounty on other players
  • [PRACTICE - BEDWARS] You may now use tokens to purchase cosmetics such us kill effects, victory dances etc.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs that were reported in the previous season but ignored, thank you for reporting them!
Thank you for playing and we hoping to see you online soon!

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Add back the ghost kit , since there are not a lot of players atm , but remove it in the future if there are more players suspected of cheating