Hello minecrafters!

Finally, the biggest server update you have all waited for is here. Tons of optimization changes and new features I have no idea where to start!

To begin with, finally, the arcade games server is in a stable potision we have released it to the public. You may now click the stick item in the game menu to warp there! Currently the arcade games server features only 2 minigames, Party Games and Dragon Escape. Party games game basically chooses 8 random minigames out of the 23 available. The player that wins most of those 8 minigames, wins the arena.

About dragon escape, dragon escape is simple parkour, but this time Douglas is chasing you. Who is Douglas you may ask, well Douglas is a dragon and he is really pissed off.

With that out of the way, I would like to move on to the quality of life changes & additions included in this patch.
  • You don't have to make a party per server now. Parties are synced on all servers, just invite your friends and you will be able to play with them anywhere.
  • Friend system added and now works properly. You can see what server your friends are playing on and if they are offline, when was the last time they joined.
  • Privacy Settings, you may now choose who you want to be sending you private messages, change who can jump on your server and more settings like those!
  • Added a profile menu to navigate easier between friends and parties, if you find commands to be too hard for you well just use /profile
  • Improved the player hide system on lobbies, you can now choose to only be able to see friends / party members or all players.
Now its time to move on to the new reworked cosmetics system.
  • Our cosmetics system uses a unique currency called gems. You may get gems by playing and winning games. With gems you can buy all cosmetics from gadgets to use on hubs and lobbies to death effects and arrow trails.
  • Cosmetics and gems are synced, so if you bought your favourite arrow trail on kitpvp, you will have it too on bedwars.
Next up are the kitpvp server changes.
  • Hidden NPCS to talk to that give you keys to open the new added crate on spawn, some of them require to you to solve riddles and once you do not only you will get the key that unlocks the crate which is gonna give you awesome rewards, but you are gonna get a sneak peak on the server's lore too.
  • Kit Cooldowns removed, this was a temporary solution till we managed to balance the kits, now that all the kits are finally balanced there is no reason to keep those cooldowns still in the game.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes casting an ability to a player while he is hitting you would cancel the ability cast.
  • /disguise is now fully supported by kitpvp
  • Added carl, carl is a villager in shop that sells cosmetics, keep in mind, he doesn't negociate on the prices.
  • You may now talk to the tutorial npc in spawn that is gonna explain you how to play on kitpvp, this inludes from just a list of in game ranks to the most advanced features the server has to offer.
  • All abilities have been buffed too, this is mainly an indirect nerf to the basic pvp kit.
  • Re - Added perks, you may now purchase perks, perks are like abilities but they activate automatically based in a chance. Find out how to unlock perks by talking to the librarian npc next to the enchanting table
  • Reversed a change that was made in the last patch "leaderboards won't show staff members"
  • Added practicles near the blocks that affect the gameplay (Like the perks enchanting table for example).

Finally, the changes on the practice server.
  • Fixed the botpvp bug where you would be stuck in the arena sometimes after losing to the bot
  • /Disguise is fully supported by practice too
  • Cosmetics now work properly, they weren't working in some specific arenas.
  • The parkour in the practice lobby now properly awards 100 tokens.
  • Added the classic kit, Full iron armor protection 2 with an iron sword 32 wood planks a rod and a bow with 5 arrows.
  • You may now use /spawn to leave a free for all arena instead of having to relog.
  • Added skybuilduhc and stickfight to the minigame duels.
  • Fixed a goal bug on the bridge duels where sometimes you would get tped back once falling to the goal area.
  • Added 4 maps on each mode and 7 new maps on parkour duels
Oh, I almost forgot. the bedwars server, no major changes here though.
  • Disguise system is now fully supported here as well.
  • Lobby parkour now properlly awards the tokens.
  • Optimized the server and increased the perfomance significantly, you should notice significant changes in lag when playing bedwars.
  • Added a tutorial NPC at the lobby who is gonna tell you what is bedwars and how to play it.
  • Added leaderboards on the lobby area.
Testing leads to failure and failure leads to understanding, we apologise for delaying this patch and I want to admit that indeed myself was sometimes afraid to test the changes because I had in mind that I might fail and have to delay the patch again. However, everything there has been tested and is properlly working now. Thank you for your patience and I cannot wait to see you all in the server.