Hello there Minecrafters!

First of all, I would like to apologise for my recent absence in updates. This has been a tough period for me as I am about to sit for university exams in the following months. I had to prioritise studying than working on alchemist studios, and since I still do, this update will be a short one compared to the other updates. Without further ado, moving to the PATCH 6.0.0 change logs.

General Changes
  • Optimised stats saving even further and fixed an important bug where the server would force restart itself if many players sent party / friend requests at the same time.
  • You may now use /userprofile to access your own personal profile page and settings (including friend requests, privacy settings) and /profile for the public profile that other players may see as well.
  • Punishments and reports received are now displayed on /profile.
  • Scoreboard stats now update instantly on all gamemodes.
  • /f l is now an alias to /friend list.
  • Friend list now displays the last login date of your friend.
  • Private messages can now only be sent between friends by default.
  • Party invites can be sent to everyone by default.
  • Now a party will automatically join at the same team on bedwars.
  • Edited the network rules to include that giving intentionally to someone a boost on stats is not allowed(and other things among that).
  • stuck.alchemiststudios.gq now puts you straight in the hub server instead of having you join in the server you were last time and then automatically redirecting you (as a result you get 1 loading screen time instead of 2)
  • Added a new Builder kit that allows you to place blocks in the map that automatically break after 6 seconds.
  • Fixed scoreboard showing empty space instead of the player's rank in rare occasions.
  • You may now use /bounty to set a bounty on other players. Keep in mind, that setting a bounty from an alt to yourself or from yourself to an alt as a way to give someone else coins is not allowed and will result to an account suspension.
  • The libriarian now will tell you what rank you need to use the alchemy table.
  • Selecting the 2nd option in the librarian chat now will automatically open the alchemy table for you.
  • Adventurers guild, katheryne now automatically gives out the rewards without having to exit the kitpvp server and enter again.
  • There is a higher chance to get a key from fishing now compared to before.
  • If you are damaged now by LAVA or anything in general (including poison potions) the spawn timer will be cancelled, compared to before when people could just use /spawn while trapped by prisonner kit for example.
  • Bedwars cosmetics are accessible to all ranks for a certain time to help us identify more bugs and issues.
  • Explosive squid now normally flies in air like supposed to.
  • /wtfmap now displays the correct map name.
  • hotbar manager now works properlly.
  • Lore changed for specific items in shop.
  • Parties of two in bedwars now will automatically be in the same team.
  • Edited the messages, should look better and provide more info now (for example how much more diamonds you need for an upgrade).
  • You can now leave a current match using /leave, keep in mind that you still get a lose and the enemy gets a win.
  • Edited the spectator gui(/spec) to include more information including arena name, kit name and duration the fight has been going on.
That will be all for today. Keep in mind that some changes were not mention here, we do a lot of changes daily and sometimes it just happens to forget every change of those will writing the patch notes. If you find something that I missed to include here, post it in the comments so your fellow players know as well.

Thanks for playing on alchemiststudios.gq and I wish you a happy gameplay experience.

Owner @ alchemiststudios.gq
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