Greetings, valiant Adventurers!

Ah, it warms our digital hearts to see you roaming the vast expanse of our server. Your voices have been heard, and behold! We bring forth a cornucopia of changes and improvements to enhance your gaming experience. Prepare to be captivated!

  • ✨ Carl's cosmetics have regained their enchantment, working flawlessly across all minigames. Look your absolute best!
  • ⏰ As time is on your side, we reward your loyalty with marvelous mystery boxes based on your playtime. The longer you stay, the grander the surprise!
  • 💫 Brace yourselves, for our reimagined cosmetics system has blossomed into a dazzling spectacle. Over 160 fabulous unlocks await your artistic desires!
  • 🐾 Embrace the companionship of our brand-new pet system. Not only can you rename your faithful friends, but they can accompany you on daring missions and even level up! Mount up, warriors!
  • 🚫 Banish unwanted intruders with the mighty /friend block. Shield yourself from those pesky friend requests!
  • 🖼️ Our generous donors now possess the power to grace our site with animated profile pictures in glorious GIF form. Let your vibrant spirit shine!
  • 📧 No more false accusations from Google! Our emails shall no longer be flagged as potential scams. Huzzah!
  • 💬 The chat options in the settings gui now works properlly. Enjoy the tranquility of uninterrupted communication.
  • 🚫 Those who have walked a dark path and faced multiple punishments shall find their passage into competitive queues barred. Let justice be served!
  • 📢 Fear not, for the suggestions channel within our noble Discord server has been revived, ready to hear your innovative ideas. Your voice matters!
  • 🐛 Our diligent developers have squashed numerous bugs and ushered in general improvements to make your journey smoother. Hail to their valiant efforts!
  • ✨ Step into our renewed hub, a vibrant tapestry of colors and secrets. Explore its expanded dimensions and prepare to be astounded!
  • 🗣️ Engage in delightful conversations with our charming NPCs, and they shall reward you with precious mystery boxes. Unlock the vault of wonders within the hub!
  • 🔥 Welcome the Emberwanderers kit, a scorching addition to your arsenal!
  • 🛠️ Forge your destiny with the newly introduced Emberforge kit. The flames of victory await!
  • 🌑 Omen kit nears completion, promising an enigmatic and formidable presence.
  • 💀 The Reaper kit has undergone a profound transformation, emerging stronger than ever.
  • 💥 Witness the awe-inspiring display of damage indicators and heal indicators. Know thy strength!
  • 🦾 The Hulk kit has been reborn, shedding its old identity and ascending to the divine realm of Transcendence. Tremble, foes!
  • 🦘 The Kangaroo kit leaps into action with an enhanced ability and newfound agility. Soar to new heights!
  • ⚖️ With great care, we have woven a tapestry of balance changes. For the full saga, see below.

And now, dear players, a moment of reflection. Five years have flown by since our server first unfurled its virtual banners. We stand in awe of your unwavering support and loyalty. Allow us to regale you with a tale, one that speaks of warriors united across time and space, locked in an eternal struggle against evil. With each passing year, their spirits burn brighter, their bonds growing stronger. Together, they march onward, for it is not just a game they play, but an epic odyssey they share.

Thank you, noble heroes, for your courage and unwavering dedication. The adventure continues, and we are honored to have you by our side. Onward, to new horizons!