UPDATE Patch 8.0.0 Notes


Another patch, another more awesome changes, welcome to patch 8.0.0!

In this patch we got some pretty big changes, namely to the kitpvp and bedwars servers. For the kitpvp server, our goals have always been to strike a balance between casual pvp kits and kits that include an ability and alter the playstyle and we think that we are on the right path on that. However, we have noticed that killing a "good" player doesn't feel so rewarding in game. Let me clarify, perks were added as a way to help players with a killstreak stay on the battle field without having to go to spawn, when saying good players, we mean players that get killstreaks often. Those players get rewarded by the perks feature and the killstreak rewards feature when getting a killstreak. However, killing and ending their killstreak, which can sometimes be hard due to perks, is not rewarded by the game system at all and thus we decided to introduce bounties.

Once a player gets a killstreak, a bounty will be placed on him, that will get increased based on how big his killstreak is, killing a player with a bounty will reward said player with extra amount of tokens.

The bounty system is also in place to counter the buffs provided by the perks system. There is an npc hidden at the map that will sell you a special compass to track bountied players. The compass only costs 50 tokens, however, its one time use. Meaning that once you die you will have to buy it again.

Moving on to bedwars, we have improved the achievements system. More specifically, achievements will now grant bedwars tokens upon completion, and the date of the achievement was completed should be displayed as well. We believe these changes will make the achievements more connected to the game and not feel out of place.

Finally, the bedwars scoreboard system has been reworked, we have improved the scoreboard flickering drastically, and the game duration is now displayed on the scoreboard.


â–º General Changes
  • Added an option to block players from the friend list on the friend list gui.
  • Halloween cosmetics are now available.
  • Removed the option to have everyone private message you, now only you may choose to receive private messages from only friends or no one.
  • Halloween cosmetics are now available to be unlocked through mystery boxes.
  • Added admin npcs in hub, chatting with them may also unlock rewards.
  • Katheryne will now have a unique dialogue for the first time.
  • Fixed a bug that would kick the player upon receiving knockback while talking to an NPC.
  • Fixed a bug with the crate in which resulted to nearby players having their fps dropped when a player was openning a crate.
  • Added lightmode on the site.
â–º KitPvP
  • Added a bounty system.
  • Fixed a bug with the kitpvp rankup system, now all kits are unlocked properly when ranking up.
â–º Bedwars
  • Added a magic milk item.
  • Reworked scoreboard system to reduce flickering.
  • Scoreboard will now display the game duration.
  • Added a team selector at solo games.
  • Now the tab format will change accordingly depending on which bedwars team you are on and not depending on the global server rank.
  • Reworked the achievements system to include rewards and completion dates.
  • Solo players may now reconnect a few seconds after disconnecting.
  • Fixed a bug where reconnecting on team matches would spawn you at the wrong team base.
  • Fixed a bug that would result in wrong win/losses ratio calculation.
â–º Practice
  • Practice ranked elo range will now gradually get bigger upon not finding players.
  • Fixed a bug that would require the player to reconnect to keep queuing since they would be stuck in the end game state.

Thanks for playing on alchemistnetwork.org and we wish you a great gameplay experience.